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In our society today, more so in Africa, the female happens to be more vulnerable and prone to dangers (emotional, psychological and physical) owing to ignorance engraved, poor decision making… A female’s emotional instability naturally would make jeopardy of her university degree and lifelong achievements, that’s why Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation cannot afford to stop at economic/academic empowerment… we give women the all-round balance they need to pilot their lives in full gear; This makes the primary motive of our Live your Life Initiative.
Aside being an instrument to ensuring women’s success in marriage, family and career through emotional/psychological stability, this initiative of the Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation embodies our Family Intervention Program through which several domestic/sexually abused females in families have been rescued and rehabilitated. The initiative hosts free counseling sessions at the Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation facility from Mondays to Fridays weekly, having at client response end, experts on women emotional and psychological empowerment.
The quarterly organized Live your Life Seminar so far has empowered an excess of 8000 married women and single ladies, many of which have experienced remarkable changes in their lives hitherto. At the end of the program, guests with varying illnesses are offered free medical attention.