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Loveth Iyonawan’s trajectory in ministry and career mirror an awe-inspiring story, a life lived in shared values of the virtues expedient for a believer, modelling moral examples for all who come in contact with her, none the less quantum leaps in service to humanity.

As Founder and Executive Director of the Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation, Loveth has modelled exemplary leadership, ranking amongst a renowned audience of premiers championing the course for the reality of healthier societies. A prominent humanitarian as she is, with track records of excellence in the circle of humanitarian high energy, she is currently a leading authority on women and children empowerment in Nigeria.

Her NGO established since 1999 addresses issues as girl child vulnerability, domestic violence against women, starvation in orphaned families, insurgencies in Northern Nigeria, maternal and infant moralities, empowering women and children in excess of 11,000 as at 2014 and 20,000 as at 2016, annually. Amidst antecedents of the NGO, Loveth devotedly chimes the ratification of new conventions for the re-enhancement of her scope. Some of her recent vaunted commitments include the establishment of one of the largest privately owned free skill empowerment centres in Southern Nigeria (The Building Dreams Academy) and the highly impactful Hand of Love Project amassing over 4000 beneficiaries annually. Loveth is a well travelled educationist, prudent activist and foremost entrepreneur.

Her ministry via the “Live your Life” Initiative is enormous and all encompassing as it heralds women to the fount of feminine power. She utilizes this platform in building women, even men for leading performances in career and repellence to complacency in their daily lives. This platform as is fondly regarded, is the birth ground of many marriages and healthy families today.

She is vice – president of the Miracle Invasion Ministry, and co-pastor’s Miracle Assembly, a global Christian centre with the vision of liberating people for quality living. As an avid minister of the gospel called to a dynamic intercessory ministry, she co-hosts the life transforming telecast “quality living” airing weekly on satellite around the world.

Yet improving as she loves to read, Loveth trained in Philosophy from the University of Benin, with an MPA (Masters in Public Administration) from the Benson Idahosa University, and Executive Diploma from the Daystar Leadership Academy.

She is a trustee to creditable boards, recipient of several outstanding awards including the PSR Woman of Merit Gold Award, Thessy Humanitarian Ambassadorial Awards and the Panache Global Recognition and Award (London) for outstanding achievements in humanity.

She has authored three books (Devoted, Live your Life and Audacity), and is correspondent to other highly impactful publications.
Being mother of three and several others under her care, she is married to Jeffrey Iyonawan, an internationally acclaimed go-getting leadership expert and President of the Miracle Invasion Ministries. Loveth and Jeffrey make their home in Benin city, Nigeria.

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